Anthony Browne Class (Year 3)

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What a busy Autumn 2 we have had in Year 3!   One of the highlights of this half-term has been our visit to How Hill. Everyone who went had an amazing time and the whole experience improved our team work skills and we learnt so much about nature and The Broads.

In English we have been reading Wind in the Willows written by Kenneth Grahame. We have loved discovering what the different woodland animals have been up to in their adventures. We have used Chapter 2: The Open Road to write our own version of the chapter, everyone has tried really hard to use inverted commas and direct speech in their stories.

In maths we have been focusing on addition and subtraction calculation strategies. We have used mental strategies and the column method where regrouping is required to help us add and subtract two 3 digit numbers.

Our science lessons have been focussed on how we move and why we have skeletons. Everyone made a moving skeleton using split pins to show where joints are in our bodies. We made an exciting discovery that some animals don’t have skeletons!

In geography we have been learning about Our Local Area and the different features that we can find on a map. We used atlases to find rivers and seas in the United Kingdom and then Google Maps to find rivers here in Norfolk! To end our unit of work, we wrote about how the land is used in different ways in Norwich and The Broads.

Our focus this half term in art was sketching. We researched the artist E.H Shepherd and evaluated some of his work. In order to create our own Winnie the Pooh sketches, we used shape and dark and light sketch marks.

In PE, we have been learning the skills required to play handball and basketball. We have been working hard on our passing skills and practising different types of passes.