Eric Carle Class (Reception)


The children continue to work hard and play hard in Eric Carle Class  and the days are a careful balance of adult and child-led activities.  

During our topic on healthy eating we talked to our school cook Jill about healthy foods and making a healthy packed lunch for us.   We wrote to Miss Fahy about going to the park.   She was very impressed by our writing and she could read most of our messages.  At the park we ate our healthy picnic and then had an ice-cream for a treat.  

In our daily maths meeting we continue with our chants and songs and we are getting better at doubling numbers.  Most of us can sing the days of the week and months of the year song all by ourselves.

We planted the sunflower seeds that we picked in October and everyone took a seedling home to look after.   Our woodwork bench is always a popular place for us to creative.   Visitors are always surprised that the youngest children in the school are making such amazing models.

We love to play in our outdoor area especially in the builders yard which usually becomes a base camp for our imaginative games.   We have new fairy toys that like to play with the bugs in our nature area.   We are enjoying physical challenges which we return to every week to see if we can improve.   We are learning to help each other to improve by giving “fishy” feedback which has to be Friendly,  Informative,  Spot On and Helpful.