Eric Carle Class (Reception)

During the second half term the youngest children became more confident with the school routines such as lunchtime, getting changed for P.E and attending their first assembly.

In their daily phonics lesson they play lots of games to help them orally blend.  Most children can read short words and will be reading whole sentences very soon.

In Maths Mastery the children have been exploring numbers up to six.   They completed simple addition problems using the "part-whole" model.

Parents joined us for our learning cafe where we sorted vegetables that were red. yellow and orange to make bonfire soup.  We cooked the soup, froze the soup, defrosted it and drank the soup at a special campfire.    We did our first science experiment where we put pieces of pumpkin in different places so see how it would change.   We were excited when the builders came to fix a wall and played lots on our very own builders’ yard in our outdoor area.