Eric Carle Class (Reception)

Eric Carle Class continue to work hard and play hard.   We managed to fill our pom-pom jar and had a “Pyjama Day.”  We brought special books and toys to school and enjoyed an extra special story time.
We have been thinking about what jobs we would like to do when we grow up.  We went on a class trip to Tots town where we pretended to be hairdressers, actors, fire-fighters, doctors and shop assistant.
In our maths lessons most of us can confidently count, order and add numbers within 10.  We are learning to count on and back from a number within 10.
We are working hard during our phonics lessons and most of us can read and write a short sentence.
Anything can happen during our child-led sessions.   Recent highlights include turning our reading den into a “Frozen” den, borrowing a football table from the after-school club and making stick-people out of twigs that we found outside.