Eric Carle Class (Reception)

We are all familiar with the daily routines of daily life in Eric Carle Class.

The days are a careful balance of adult and child-led activities.  The children were very interested in becoming healthier and we have introduced a daily run every morning and teeth-brushing after lunch.

In our daily maths meeting we love to sing lots of songs and we are becoming confident at chanting in 1’s, 2’s and 10’s.  In our phonics lessons most of us can blend and segment short three letter words.  Our next challenge is to write a rhyming string like cat, hat, mat…..

We really love to play in our outdoor area and we are looking forward to a “makeover” in outdoor space very soon.   We have made suggestions and the governors listened to our ideas.  We are excited to see what our new mud-kitchen, builder’s yard and role play area will look like.

We went on our first class trip to Tot’s town.   We loved to play in all the different zones and are thinking carefully about what we want to be when we are older.