Eric Carle Class (Reception)

Life in Eric-Carle Class continues to be a careful balance of adult and child led activities.  In maths mastery most of us are able to accurately count groups of up to 1o objects and solve simple addition and subtraction problems.  We explore 2D and 3D shapes most days in our maths meeting and we like to make pictures and models with the plastic shapes in our new transient art area.

In RWInc most of us know the set 1 sounds and are beginning to read simple short sentences at the ditty level.   Most of us can hold our pencils correctly and we make good attempts to write our names.

In science we carried out our first science experiment where we tried to grow 2 hyacinth bulbs.  We only gave one water. We all made predictions and have been very keen to make daily observations.

This half term a group of children have been talking about London and the whole classroom was transformed into a mini-city.  In R.E we were exploring the idea of belief.   We talked lots about the things that really matter to us like our families, our toys and the foods we eat.  One boy explained that his family are vegan and run a vegan cafe down Magdalen Street.   This sparked lots of conversation about our local community.   We have decided that next half term we are going to walk down Magdalen Street, explore the buildings and then make our own “mini Magdalen town” in our outdoor area.   We are planning to make our own mud cafe, bowling alley, doctors, film studio........and whatever else we think of over half term!