Cressida Cowell Class (Year 5)

What a busy half term it has been in Year 5.  In English, we have looked closely at creation myths, in particular a myth about how the cocoa bean came to be.  First, our writing focussed on the opening of a myth, before we practised using dialogue and action to advance the narrative.  We practised using relative clauses and included them in our writing when we innovated and changed the ending of the myth.

Our Computing unit has been Codebreakers.  We have been learning about binary code and we have enjoyed using it to crack the code and find the secret messages.  We have looked at QR codes and have started to create our own that link to our favourite webpages.

Our science lessons have involved us thinking about reversible and irreversible changes and separating materials.  We have completed lots of investigations including cooking eggs and mixing vinegar with bicarbonate of soda to separate a mixture of sand and water and a mixture of flour and raisins.

We were lucky to take part in creating natural sculptures at Whitlingham Nature Reserve, let your children show you what they created by taking a visit there over half term, they guaranteed to impress.

In History we have studied the Mayans, looking at their beliefs, their writing and number system.  We are looking forward to visiting the Bridewell Museum the first week back after the half term break to learn about the history of chocolate from the time of the Mayans until now, yum!