Michael Rosen Class (Year 1)

This term Yr1 have been reading Handa’s Surprise and retelling different parts of the story from other characters points of view. We’re also been exploring African art and their use of colour and patterns. The children made their own amazing brightly coloured prints inspired by African designs we looked at. 
In science we’ve been researching and finding out more about pets. We even had have a visit from a bearded dragon lizard, we learnt how important it is to give pets the right care and how each pet can have very different needs. 
Our trip this term was to Amazona Zoo where we saw a wide variety of animals and discussed which would make good pets, we decided that the Jaguar might not be a good idea! 
As part of our celebration of British values and marking historical events we threw a Royal Wedding themed cafe for our parents. The children learnt how to make cucumber sandwiches and we had a cake designing competition.