Julia Donaldson Class (Year 2)

What a great start to the school year we have had! We have been following the Read Write Inc phonics programme where we have learnt lots of different sounds, practised spelling words and used these words in our own sentences. In English, we spent two weeks writing about space and we focused on a book called ‘Bob’s Best Ever Friend’. We have been reading some of Julia Donaldson’s books in guided reading and then we have been answering questions about what we have read. We also designed our own broomstick like the one in Room on the Broom! In maths we started by looking at number and place value and representing the tens and ones in different numbers. We also practised adding and subtracting ten from any two digit number. After that we focused on addition and subtraction solving problems in different contexts and then we moved onto money where we made amounts of money from different coins, added two amounts together and also calculated change from different coins. In science we have been looking at the properties of materials and carried out an experiment to see which materials would bend, stretch and twist. We also found out which materials are waterproof.

In computing we have been practising basic mouse and keyboard skills and creating space themed pictures on a paint programme. In RE the children have been learning about Hinduism and some of the important symbols within it, developing an understanding of how and why Hindus pray and relating the Hindu Mandir to their own special places. In PE we have been practising ball skills such as sending and receiving as well as target practise. Some of the children have also been swimming. In our topic work we have been learning about the life of Neil Armstrong leading up to and including his famous moon walk and why he is an important figure in history. In our music lessons we have been learning the basics of rhythm and beat and how to handle the djembe correctly.