Julia Donaldson Class (Year 2)

 In English we have been doing lots of exciting work about The Great
Fire of London which has linked to our work in history. We have been
doing lots of drama so that we could imagine what life was like for
the people living in 1666. This has helped us with our writing. We
have written recounts, information texts and diary entries.

In maths we have focused on fractions; finding fractions of numbers
and fractions of shapes. We have also revisited place value and added
multiples of 10 to different numbers. We have also solved problems to
do with addition and subtraction.

In science we have been learning about plants. We have looked at what
plants need to grow and stay healthy, the life cycle of a sunflower
and the different types of crops grown on British farms. We also
planted a spring bulb and a sunflower seed each. We have been so
excited to see them grow as we water and care for them in the
classroom. We have been measuring the plants each week to see how much
they have grown!

In art, we created silhouettes and collages of The Great Fire of London.