Julia Donaldson Class (Year 2)

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This term Year 2 have been exploring the continents and oceans of the world. We have been learning how to use an atlas and map websites on the iPads to help us find out more about the different continents. We've discussed the equator and the different climates around the world.

This has linked with our living things and their habitats unit in science. We looked at habitats in our local area and found many microhabitats around the school! The children also chose a habitat to research and found out more about how animals adapt to their environments. We've also been learning about food chains and how living things depend on each other. We made food paper chains to show how living things are connected.

We also had an exciting trip to Sealife in Great Yarmouth and learnt about more amazing animals that live in the different oceans around the world.

In Maths we've been learning about multiplication and division, the class have been making arrays and exploring repeated addition. We have been using our new learning to start to solve multiplication and division problems.