Julia Donaldson Class (Year 2)

This half term the children have done some great work on measure. They read
different scales, solved word problems and enjoyed their capacity work with lots of
pouring and estimating. They had an exciting week on shape where they learnt the
properties of 2D and 3D shapes and had a go at constructing some 3D shape
skeletons out of modelling clay and lolly sticks!
Our topic work has been investigating the similarities and differences between the
Indian rainforests and woodland in our local area. We have discovered lots of facts
about the rainforest and the wildlife that lives there.
We have been retelling the oral story of the Bird in the Forest in our English lessons
and have begun to write our own version of the story as well as having our RWI
phonics sessions.
In science we have been learning about the life processes of all living things, we
have also been using iPads to research animal habitats and and visiting mini beast
micro habitats around the school grounds.