Michael Morpugo Class (Year 6)

Well, it has been ‘all systems go’ in Year 6 since the New Year. Our topic is ‘Japan, Mountains and Earthquakes’ and we have enjoyed finding out about this interesting country. This has tied in with our English work on ‘non-chronological reports’ where we have been learning to organise our texts so they are easier to understand.

In maths, we have been working on decimals and percentages, to tie in with our work on fractions before Christmas. We have also started boosters after school which is really helping recap and revisit previous learning.

As part of our Science topic, on the cardiovascular system (heart, lungs etc) we have been doing daily shuttle runs to keep / get us healthy and wake us up ready for learning.

In PE, we have been working on ‘mirroring and matching’ gymnastics with a partner and we’re really enjoying transferring this to the apparatus. Music has been active too, learning about the notes on the stave, playing active games like ‘human notes’ on a stave taped on the music room floor! Speaking of active, we really enjoyed our visit from Buddy and the NSPCC, especially the Dance-a-thon. We also learnt how to keep safe.

Most recently, we have been planning our stories based on Kensuke’s Kingdom, which should hopefully be finished before half term.