Welcome from the Chair of Governors.

Welcome to the governor section of the Magdalen Gates website. I hope this will give you an idea of who the governors are and what we do.

Personally, I have been a governor since 2010 and was elected as Chair of Governors in 2013. I began as a Parent governor and in 2014 was re elected as a Community governor. After reconstitution of the governing board in September 2015, I was re-elected as Chair as a Co-opted governor. It is a role I am extremely proud of and take this responsibility very seriously. I am pleased to say that the governing board at Magdalen Gates has an excellent working relationship with the Head Teacher, Mr Hutchinson .Our Role, what we do

* Our role is essentially strategic; the operational running of the school is the responsibility of the Head Teacher.

* We are responsible for the conduct of the school.

* We must promote high standards of education, ensuring continued school improvement. Therefore we hold the Head Teacher to account for educational performance.

* We must be a critical but supportive friend to the school.

* Help the school be responsive to the needs of pupils, parents and the community.

* Ensure clarity of vision.

* Oversee financial performance, making sure money is spent effectively in line with the school development/improvement plans.How do we do this

We meet once a half term as a full governing body.

We delegate responsibilities to small committees  and working parties that meet once a term. All meetings are minuted and available on request. Chairs of committees and working parties feedback descions/ideas at full governing meetings. We have two main committees :
* Premises, Personnel and Finance
* Learning and Teaching

We complete training and continually update our skills to ensure we keep up to date and to improve the skills within the board.

Within meetings we review policies; approve and set Budgets; set strategic direction; review data of pupil progress. We have reports at  full governors meeting from the Head Teacher. Teachers and pupils attend our meetings to explain things they are doing within the school and the difference that it makes to our school. Governors take on individual responsibilities/links within the school.
We do learning walks so we can see that the school in action. This is probably a favourite part of the role for some of us as we get to see the children and their learning.

Magdalen Gates Primary School Governor Impact Statement for 2017-2018

Magdalen Gates Primary School Governor Impact Statement for 2018 -2019

School Governors Ms J. Duesbury (Chair) –
MS Hayley Dawson (Co Chair and Co Vice Chair)
Mr D. Wadsworth (Chair of Curriculum and Standards)
Mr. Sean O’Neill (LA Governor)
Mr C. Hutchinson (Acting Head Teacher)
Mrs S. Sharma (Co-opted)
Mr W. Turnpenny (Associate Governor)
Ms. K. Marsden (Co-opted)
Mrs. C. Demeuzois (Staff Governor)
Dr. N. Williams (Parent Governor)

Fiona Johnston (Clerk to the Governors)

Governor Attendance 2018-19

Members-Magdalen Gates Primary

Governors SEF 2019

Previous Governors
Mrs. V Marks (left Nov 2015
Mrs. J Brociek Coulton (left Jan 2016)
Mrs. S Mann (left Feb 2016)
Mr. J Mulhall (left June 2016)
Ms S .Corby (left May 2017)
Rev. M Palmer (left July 2018)
Mrs P. Lumb (left July 2018)
Mrs A. Musgrave (left March 2019)
Mr. R Bearman (left July 2019)
Mrs H Collison Smith (left July 2019)
Miss. H. Robinson (left July 2019)
Mr A. Wahiwala (Co-opted) (left Nov 2019)