Below is a list of the 2019/20 staff currently employed at the school with their job titles:-

Mr. C. Hutchinson – Acting Head Teacher

Mrs. C. Demeuzois - Assistant Head Achievement

Mr W. Turnpenny –  Assistant Head Inclusion (SENDCo)

Mrs Humphreys/Miss Vincent/Mr Hamment - Year 6 Class Teacher

Miss L. Vincent and Miss M. Sivananthan – Year 5 Class Teachers

Mr W. Turnpenny and Mrs C. Demeuzois – Year 4 Class Teachers

Miss E. Homan and Mrs C. Bennett (Maternity Leave) - Year 3 Class Teachers

Miss N. Phayre – Year 2 Class Teacher

Miss. E. Bramble,  – Year 1 Class Teacher

Mrs T. Callaghan – Early Years Class Teacher

Mrs E. Howard – Parent Support Advisor

Mrs J. Girvin –  EAL Teacher

Miss V. Arnull – Music Teacher

Support Staff
Mrs. Y. Rix – Educational Assistant (HLTA Status) (PE Specialist)
Mrs. S. Wahiwala –  Higher Social, Emotional, Mental Health Support Worker, PG Cert. Person Centered Counselling
Mrs. S. Coulthart – Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Ms. M. Nicholson – Educational Assistant (HLTA Status)
Mrs. S. Lynn –  EAL Lead (MAAS Award)
Mrs. L. Welch – Educational Assistant (HLTA Status), ELSA
Miss. F. Dodson – Educational Assistant
Mr. C. Huggett – Educational Assistant (Speech and Language Specialist)
Mrs. R. Chapman – Educational Assistant
Miss. E. Annison –  Educational Assistant/Reprographics Assistant
Miss. D. Goose - Educational Assistant
Miss. G. NG - Educational Assistant (Maternity Leave)
Mrs. A. Cooper - Educational Assistant
Mrs. R. Lambert - Educational Assistant
Mrs. S. Walker - ELSA

School Administration
Miss. W. Huggett – School Secretary
Mrs. K. Orford - School Secretary
Ms J Starling – Finance Manager
Ms J Austrin - Librarian

Mr. P Wilson

Mrs. T. Callaway
Mrs. J. Annison
Mr. C. Camba Gonzalez
Miss. E. Hughes

Midday Supervisory Assistants
Mrs. A. Carter
Ms. D. Wones
Mr. C. Camba Gonzalez
Miss. G. NG
Mrs. A. Cooper
Miss. A. Skells
Mrs. D. Pinto

Road Crossing Patrol
Ms. M. Thain