Eric Carle Class (Reception)

During our first half term in Eric Carle class we have been learning the phrase,  “Choose it,  Use it,  Put it away”  as we discover where everything is in the classroom.  We are very good at completing our early morning work and saying “goodbye” to our grown-ups. 
We have met some of the monsters in our phonics scheme.   We are keen to learn the letter sounds that our friends, the Black Cat have taught us.   We are beginning to learn how to write our names and the letters.   We are trying really hard to hold our pencils correctly.  
In our daily maths meeting we are learning to sing the days of the week and the months of the year.  We love to play games like “missing number” and “sneaky swaps” as we learn to recognise the numbers and their order to 20.
Lots of us like to act and sing so we made a stage out of pallets in our outdoor area.  We even made tickets and found a till.  We are very excited about the woodwork area and nine of us have already gained our licence which means we can work in that area without a grown up.  When visitors see our amazing models they cant believe that we are only four and five years old.