Julia Donaldson Class (Year 2)

In Year 2, we have had a very exciting start to the new school year. We began “stepping into our spacesuits” and learning all about the story of Laika, a stray dog who was sent up into space. Ask our Year 2 children to tell you the story!  Have you seen the pictures of us creating our freeze frames and dramas?

We have also immersed ourselves into a week of “Inspirational Maths”. We discovered that we can express numbers in many creative, visual ways and we had great fun exploring finger mazes and finger twister!  The most important message we took away with us is that there is no such thing as a “maths brain” or a “maths person” but instead, anyone can learn any level of maths, with a bit of effort and perseverance!

We have also just introduced “Star of the Day” and we are becoming experts in giving compliments to others! We hope to be the “Kindest Class” in school just like “The Kindest Giant in Town” written by our class author Julia Donaldson.